Bullfrog and water surface tension

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Did not use rule of thirds other than to center the subject. any comments on composition?

I found the surface tension and the back light combination very unusual

Any pertinent technical details:

Nikon D7100. 500mm
1/1000 f6.3 ISO 1600 -.33 EV

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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This is WAY COOL, Greg! Since it’s centered so well I would suggest a slight CW rotation to get the eyes level as well. Nice techs and truly fun stuff.

Really nice…excellent telephoto “macro”.

Greg: A great find and good vision for the comp. Many :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: >=))>

Great reflections and distortions. Apart from the slight rotation there is not much room for improvement. Beautiful as is.

Way too cool of a shot, Greg!

The composition works well in this instance, Greg. When the critter is looking right at you placing it off center horizontally rarely makes sense. The surface tension and the soft surroundings make this a very cool image. Excellent work.

new image with 2 degree rotation.

Thank you all for the very very kind words

Print it and hang it. I love it. Ron

I agree about printing, Greg, once you recenter it.:wink:

What are those 3 green objects in front of the frog? Interesting comp, good job on getting this guy…Jim

Jim, that is the snout and eyes as seen in the reflection (from the incident angle viewed from below).

Ok—Thanks Bill. I did not see the pupils from the first time I examined the image…Jim

Awesome find. The lighting is unusual and makes the image work and have immediate impact. The wide green border is a little heavy. Could try making it thinner before printing.

thanks for kind comments

  that would be the reflection from under the frog looking up.  I believe it to be the mouth and tops of eyes.

Getting close to frogs is a ton of fun. The full frontal view, with a great reflection in a clean setting really pops, Greg. This is a well composed beauty. Your repost looks rotated to me, in a head-on/undistorted reflection there should be a vertical line between parts and their reflections.

Thanks Mark,
I’m looking into the rotation nd there is only about a fine pencil width lean to the left.

"in a head-on/undistorted reflection "…

Unfortunately this does not portray an un-distorted image. Surface tension of this magnitude causes the water to actually bend and the reflection is going almost clear across the depressed area. It also looks to me that I may have been just a hair off center, perhaps a little to the left.

thank you for all the comments


That is definitely a winner. I usually scroll right past the macro forums but this, even in thumbnail, really caught my eye. I don’t really have anything to add. Just beautiful!

Love it, and the rotation definitely helps. I really like the tones and textureless nature of the surrounding water.


thanks max. I’m thinking about a metal photo for this one? any experience with that product?