Bullocks Oriole, feeding time

We have a good number of Orioles, both Hooded and Bullocks, and a lot of fledglings. (At least I think there are a lot – they do look a lot alike.) I put out a jelly feeder to attract them for photography and every so often I catch a feeding.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5, 100-500 + 2X at 600mm, f/13, 1/400 sec, ISO 3200, early morning light filtering through trees behind me. Minor tonal adjustments in LR, into PS for Topaz Denoise and removal of the feeder below the perch. (I use a small plastic container so it’s easy to remove with the Patch tool.)


Wonderful detail and great action, Diane. Love the idea of using a portable container. Nicely done.

What a cute capture! I love how the background colors compliment the the yellow in the birds! You did a beautiful photo shoot!

Thanks @linda_mellor and @Vanessa_Hill – I should have said it’s not only easy to remove in PS but also easy to clean and refill every morning. I rotate two plastic tops from spray paint cans and they drop neatly into a just slightly larger plastic container I found at TAP Plastics. The outer container is screwed onto the top of a square stick about 1/2" diameter and that is clamped onto a horizontal piece the same size that fastens to the feeder pole with an L-bracket and held with 2 small hose clamps. Easy to tweak the feeder position relative to the perch, in an often-futile attempt to get them to perch on the perch instead of the container.

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Hi Diane, nice and sharp where it counts - wonderful interaction captured here. Love the background and thin perch with lichen. well done.

I am giving up bird photography forever.

That is all.

Kidding, but darn you have honed your craft and vision far beyond what most people would do and it pays such dividends. Is there a bowing emoji?


Thanks everyone! @Kris_Smith, really, I’m cheating, sitting in a blind in cool morning air with freshly-brewed dark roast, aimed at perches beside feeders, with eye autofocus and 20 fps. And a cooperative row of trees down a hill 200 ft away so I’m looking into the canopy.

But later today I’ll try some wildlife photography – going looking for dragonflies. Don’t hold your breath.

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Good luck! One landed on my arm just a few minutes ago while I was finishing my coffee on the dock. It had some kind of bug and proceeded to eat it while I watched. Too funny.

Just beautiful, Diane. The details and colors, the background, and that baby just opening wide and saying AHHHH! That sounds like some touch conditions for photography! :grinning: Nice to be able to enjoy your coffee while shooting excellent images. I was finally able to go with a friend for a couple of hours this week to a NWR and photograph wading birds. It was wonderful. Between the pandemic and caregiving for my husband, it has been a bit tough.


Thanks @Shirley_Freeman – I’m sure it has been more than a bit tough! Hang in there!

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Hi Diane,

The motion blur of the fledgling’s wings helps tell the story of a baby oriole lobbying for jelly. BG , overall lighting, and feeding behavior makes this a special image…Jim

Excellent image Diane. I really like the blurred wings on the juvenile and the poses are perfect.

Wonderful behavioural shot ! Love the light colours and the background works nicely along ! Congrats on a great image. Cheers, Hans

Excellent action, colors, background. A superb job with a good story.

Thanks, everyone! Baby feeding time is special.