Bullock's Oriole

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Some friends told me that they have an active nest of Bullock’s Orioles at their house and invited me to visit and try my luck shooting them. Since I never see them here I could not resist the chance. This is one of the shots I got in the “golden hour” this morning.

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Nice pose and good detail. I like the setting as well. My only thought would be to see if the oriole could be lighter.

This is a pleasing image with excellent pose, perch, and background. I think the Oriole looks fine with respect to luminosity, at least on my monitor.

Nice job with very good detail in the Oriole and a sweet head turn, Dave. Those “Golden Hours” get pretty short this time of year-more like 30 minutes on a sunny morning. You managed nicely though as the shadows are still very mellow. I do think a bit more head room would be nice, but a fine image as posted.

Very nice, David! The whole bird and scene has a very pleasant, fresh, sunny morning feeling! I think there’s plenty of light on the bird and it’s a good composition with the diagonal branch.