Burrowing Owl

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This is an older image from 2015. It’s pretty uncommon to get a burrowing owl up off the ground. This guy obliged on a nice perch very early in the morning. Since it was so early and the light was very low, the eyes were really huge which I liked a lot.

NR applied to the background, LR, PS, TK processing

Canon 7D Mark II, 500mm f/4 with 1.4x TC
1/160, f/5.6, ISO 1250

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This is outstanding Keith. The detail in the feathers and those eyes, just amazing. I really like how you have chosen to handle the OOF background. Truly wonderful.

Wow! The eyes tell the story of how little light was available for this shot. You rarely get to see a burrowing owl with eyes that black and a tiny ring of yellow. I’ve gotten close to this and the level of light is almost pitch black so I commend you on getting this shot and tack sharp as well. What a beautiful, soft, lacey perch, a perfect head angle and fluffed feathers. Looks like a Juvi also. If you blow this one up and look closely, you can see the sun rising in his left eye! So good Keith!

Subjects don’t get much cuter than Burrowing Owls, and you did this one excellent service, Keith. I really like the lighting and the eyes are really cool with just the rim of yellow.

Very nice Keith. One of these days I’d like to photograph this species. Awesome photo…Jim

A lovely photo. I especially like the nice soft feel to it. Soft light, soft feathers and soft complimentary bg. Those eyes are certainly wide open.

Hi Keith
Thank you for posting this Burrowing Owl. I rarely get to see many Owl in Portland, Ct. Nice work.

Amazing shot! Such great detail and you are right about the eyes. Unusual and fun to see. I also really like getting to see this guy perched on vegetation.

Very sweet image. Very clean, the posture of the owl is nice, and the eyes are splendid. Well seen and depicted!

One of my favourite species from the US. I love the pose, perch and enormous eyes. Makes me remember one similar years ago at sunrise. Anyway, great image, Keith ! Cheers, Hans