Bussaco National Park + Repost

Specific Feedback Requested

C/C Welcome

Technical Details

Nikon D810
Nikon 16-35


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Oooh, beautiful! That tree has such character and the misty background gives this a lovely sense of depth. I could see dodging some of the darkest branches on the right. That side of the frame feels a bit overly heavy.

This is really, really nice, Joao. Aside from that remarkable tree and the moody mist, I just love how the foreground tree perfectly frames the tree on the left side of the frame. This image shows a wonderful tension of complimentary opposites - dynamism and stillness. I think Bonnie’s suggestion to dodge a bit of the darkest branches on the right would be worth a try and would help balance the picture a bit. That being said, excellent work in post and very well seen, indeed.

The shapes of the branches and the tree itself is very moody and the fog adds to the emotion. I don’t believe the right side can be ‘balanced’ by careful dodging because it’s due to the density of overlapping foliage as much as the deeper tones.

It’s amazing mysterious in a very good found composition. Made with a lot of care as I see it !


A wonderfully expressive tree! As already mentioned by others. Terrific composition, framing and incorporating the foggy conditions beautifully.

Can’t argue too much about the comment/suggestion of the darker areas on the right. Easily explained of course as these branches are closer to you which don’t include any mist to obscure and lighten… And so actually, the longer I view this, the more I appreciate that aspect of what you have seen and captured. Perhaps though the very darkest of trunks near at the top of the frame could be dodged/mitigated a bit. But that of course is subjective and personal choice.

No other nits or suggestions! I love the atmosphere and actually a bit of 3-D look and feel to this.
Beautifully seen and captured.


This is really nice!
My only thought was that the upper left corner is pretty bright and my eye goes there immediately. It would be good to try to even out some of the tonal ranges on the right and left so that the eye has more tendency to move around a bit. You can also try a slight crop as it feels super right heavy. Overall, hard to be nit-picky on this fantastic image!

What a terrific scene, João. The fog helps the main subject stand out and also present a bit of mystery. I like how the tree on the right frames the far tree on the left. An all around winner and would look awesome printed large.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. I just made a Re-post with the general comments.
I believe that I took @Matt_Payne suggestion a little over the top (that’s odd because the “original” TIFF file is not that dark - maybe something with the compression or some other reason). I would be printing this new version.
I do tend do agree with @Lon_Overacker view on the dark side, but I did lift those shadows just a tad.

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Repost looks great João! thanks for taking the time. It’s much better balanced - and of course given the differences in the light/mist throughout the scene… this works quite nicely.

I prefer the rework Joao. As others have said, this is an incredibly expressive tree combined with fog which adds so much mood to this image. I also like the small tree on the left that is perfectly frame by the large tree perfectly filling in that void. The composition you came up with works really well. I can’t see cropping on either side. I only wish that there was no void in the very ULC. What a great image Joao!

A terrific, beautifully framed image and the tonal balancing and dodging of the branches on the right in the repost is just perfect. Great job!