Busy Buckeye

Sony A77II
Sony 70-400G @ 330mm, 12mm XT
ISO 800, 1/500 @ f11

I had a lot of fun today chasing this busy little guy around our lantana patch. The challenges were to get him completely in the frame on a nice perch, catch the wings open, critical focus and get the plane of focus right all while hand holding a pretty heavy lens. This is the kind of image that our newer technology makes possible. High frame rate, image stabilization and fast autofocus made this relatively easy. All comments welcome.>=))>Busy-Buckeye-16853-A77IIXXL

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This is a beauty, Bill. Fall Buckeye’s are always a treat as so many butterflies are thoroughly beaten up at the end of their life span. The colors throughout this view are terrific with the clarity of the bf, outstanding.

That is wild… Excellent.

Superb, Dr. Bill!

Very nice catch in it’s prime. love the saturation/colors.