Cadillac Mountain View

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any pertinent technical details:

Old photo from July 15, 2019. I would we interested in feedback in particular how I have post processed this image.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Personally, I think the sky is too purple and it’s tones do not match the foreground. You have near-clipping yellows/reds in your highlights on the foreground but the sky white point is low in comparison.

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What a grand view and looks like on such a crystal clear day. The image takes me there.

You didn’t mention, but my guess is that you used a graduated/split ND? The clue to me is the top of the ridge on the right is darker; granted the shadow could be heavier, but most of the ridge appears in the same shadow. Not a big deal really, although it explains the much darker upper part of the sky and the slight color shift (Colin mentioned purple, I’d say slightly magenta, but really only in the UL quadrant. This is also minor.

For me, just minor tweaks. I would desaturate magenta for the clouds and then also burn down the bright green foliage in the LLC. Otherwise, looks good to me! Thanks for sharing.


I was using a reverse 3 stop grad. Thanks for your feedback. I am finding the some of the lightroom tweaks affect the 5D mark II files differently than the 5D mark iv files.

The comments re post processing are good, but I would focus on composition. To me, the potential in this image lies in the line created by the ridge sloping down left leading out to the islands in the distance. The brightness of the foreground and the saturated yellows as well as the colors in the sky distract me from what seems to be the central focus/subject of the image. You could have made an image about the sky with just a little of the ridge and the water & islands supporting it. Or (with reframing) made an interesting image just about the foreground shapes and colors. IMO I’m just not sure where this image is going.

Larry, I would look up the ETTR method for properly exposing with the 5D Mkiv. I practically lived in the park for 2 years and shot here many times at both sunrise and set. There isnt much dynamic range here, and I really dont think a grad was necessary. I personally do not think grads have a place in a kit anymore if the end goal is maximum image quality. For this scene, ETTR would have worked well and would omit the need for a grad.

Sorry about the purple - On a work computer and the color output is horrendous!

This was taken with a mark II and have since upgraded to a mark IV. Thanks for note about ETTR.

Hi Larry,

I like this image very much. To me, I would lower the magenta from the sky or remove this cast all together. I would also crop the top of the image in an attempt to emphasize the rocks on the bottom right. Hope this helps.