Calf Creek

I’m revisiting an old folder of pictures I took at Calf Creek falls in 2017. I didn’t like the originals too much because I am fussy about colors, so I tweaked this away from the mustard yellow that I saw in many of my images of the falls. So it may not be entirely “natural,” but it makes a more pleasing image for me. I didn’t want to haul my heavy camera for this hike, so I used a Panasonic DMC-LX5. ISO400, 11.7mm, f/8, 1/3200. It was not early light!

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Thoughts about color and wet light on rocks. I didn’t have a polarizer but kind of like the shiny look.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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This is beautiful! I can’t speak to any color issues with this or your earlier images - for one, I’ve never been to this location and second, it doesn’t matter because your processing is quite wonderful as presented. The colors throughout look great as do the falls.

What I think is strong here is your composition and the inclusion of the bottom elements. Easy (and necessary) to include the pool: there are great colors and I like the ripples for texture. Beyond the pool, it’s your crop, left/right/bottom that I think really finishes this composition. This is a great example of Lon’s axiom… If you’re going to cut something off - do it on purpose (the sides of the pool). And the corollary to that - If you’re going to include something, make it obvious like you intended to include it (the bottom). I think you could easily exclude the sand at the bottom for an excellent alternative, but I think this is quite excellent as presented.


Lovely colours very simple, clean composition that is as harmonious as the colour palette. I like your relatively rapid shutter speed choice too. To be honest I would probably lose the foreshore and start the image in the water just to maintain the consistent colours and the soft textures.

This turned out quite good, Kathy. The processing looks spot on and the comp works for me. I could see the suggested crop, but I like it as presented too. Can’t go wrong either way. I really like the highlights on the walls, nice shimmer and effect.

Kathy, this is a beautiful shot. Having not been there to know what “natural” looked like that day, it sure looks natural in your image. Very nicely done.

It looks entirely natural to me! And the textures of the waterfall, rocks, and pool complement each other. I’m in the camp of not including the bottom shoreline. To my eye, this would be stronger without the bottom sand - it would verge on the abstract. In any event, it is lovely.

Having been to this beautiful falls, I can attest that this photo accurately captures the colors and beauty of the area. The scenery on the hike in and return is wonderful and full of photographic opportunities. I really like this photo but support those who would crop the bottom. It brings back good memories.

I like your image as presented Kathy. The composition works well in providing a sense of place. The textures and colors are fascinating.

Kathy, this looks great as presented. The tight comp. makes a dramatic presentation and really shows off the colors in the pool. The bit of sand at the bottom adds another subtle, but interesting color change.

I’ve never been to this location so I can’t speak to natural, but the colors look wonderful. I love all those tones of green. I am okay with leaving the foreground sand, so mark me in that column. My only suggestion relates to the white glare on the blacker rocks in the ULC, I find that to be a minor distraction, and would recommend burning it down. I think darkening this area will place more emphasis on the waterfall itself.