I was up the mountain road I am on often looking for little ones. I don’t recall seeing this one before. He was fast that was for sure sitting on the flower for a few seconds at a time.

Specific Feedback Requested

I did remove the OOF flowers on the lower right but it looked too open and I wanted to leave some room around the wings. Also, I think I was at a light tilt which may be why the right wing was softer. I will be back on that road again tomorrow so we see if they are around. I have no clue what this is.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 90D Canon 100-400 ii with the 500D close up. HH. Except for noiseware nothing else was done with the photo

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Dean, I’m not sure what he is either, but he is marked nicely in those wings. You captured very nice details in him. I’m wishing for more room at the top to give him more room to “move”. Still a very nice image, and I’m impressed with the details using your 100-400 with that closeup filter. Great job.

Thanks Shirley. That is the nice thing about zoom. I wanted to back off on it but they move fast I did not have time.

Hi Dean, it looks like one of those hover bees/flys. I looked it up and I think it might be in the family Exoprosopa. Really nice closeup with details!

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I don’t know my flies, Dean but you managed a nice shot of him/her - whatever him/her may be! Good details to aid in an identification.

Hi Dean,

This is a bee fly, family Bombyliidae. Telephoto zoom lenses with modification, provide the means necessary to get descent shots of big buts without having to approach them too closely. More room at the top and a touch more DOF would improve the comp. A good capture of one of our pollinators…Jim

Dean, it is a very good look at this fly. Getting the right wing sharp would be good, but very difficult since they move so fast and you need perfect plane-of-focus management. The color coordination between the fly and the background looks good.

Thanks for the input Mark, Jim, Terry, Shirley, and Vanessa. I picked up a book to help ID these subjects realizing there are like a trillion different types. now. So it helps getting some idea of what these guys are here on NPN. DOF is very tight with telephotos and even the slightest wind does not help

Dean: A good solid capture and many thanks for Jim Z’s entomology expertise. Kudos >=))>