Canyon De Chelly Overlook

I ran into this image yesterday in my overlooked overlook images. The colors in the foreground have not been altered; the lichen hues were incredible.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Probably some tinkering could be done with contrast to the middle and distant parts![Canyon De Chelly Overlook, but this is the result of what tinkering I could do

I like this scene. The contrast between the dead and live trees is interesting and of course the colorful lichen on the rocks as well as the pothole in the foreground is nice. There is a nice sense of scale from this image as well.

Thanks. I had not appreciated.that the dead and live trees play off each other but I knew I wanted them in the scene.

Great photo. I like that the foreground is the subject. Also, the composition works perfectly. My only nit is that I think it could use more midtone contrast.

Thanks Tony for the nudge on contrast. I assume you meant to the canyon walls in the distance. I was reluctant to bring them out too much, as they are quite distant and should be a bit less contrasty. But I worked with them a bit, and I am glad you pushed me.

This composition creates a nice sense of depth in the scene. I like the use of the foreground pool and trees as an anchor. Then the zig-zagging canyon walls carry your eye through the scene. And I like juxtaposition of the live and dead trees.

In terms of suggestions, I think I would crop away the small foreground shelf that is primarily in the LRC. I find it to be a minor distraction. I think there is already enough mid-tone contrast in the scene as presented. But I would suggest “sculpting” the light a bit via dodging and burning. I would burn the rock in the LRC corner to make the pool of water more prominent. I would dodge the lighter tones in the mid-ground canyon wall on the left. Here is a rework reflecting my comments (I started from your original post).

Thanks Ed. I like all those adjustments; I was not very sure about the little ledge. I would not have thought of burning the pool edge. And I was trying almost everything to differentiate the mid-ground canyon wall of the left from the farther wall.