Canyon Walls + Repost

There is a lot going on in this composition from Utah. I like it but I am curious if it works for you.

D810, 70-200mm

I like it, Harley. I think there’s a nice flow through the image.

I love the red rock formations in Utah. Beautiful state. So amazing how those trees can live from the rocks like this. Great formations, color, shapes and lines in this.

This is beautiful, Harley. Lots of intriguing details and great colors. Fine as framed but I could see taking a bit off the bottom (about 50% between the bottom frame edge and the bottom of the tree) as I don’t think it adds much and tightens up the composition.

I also like it. I think there is something intriguing about those precarious locations where the trees grow. The trees also a sense of scale. I am ambivalent about the crop as Dave suggested.

This image needs to be looked at in the larger version to be fully appreciated. At first it does seem busy, but then you get caught up enjoying all the the interesting textures, colors and lines in the scene. The strong diagonal line between the two larger trees is a very powerful element. The processing looks great, you got nice color separation between all the tones of red/orange/yellow.

My suggestions would be a slight crop from the bottom, and cloning away the little dead tree along the right frame edge ( i think it would make the big tree to its left look stronger).

Really good image. I love the contrast between rocks and trees. I would like also a cropped version (in the middle of the frame). Thanks for sharing.

Harley, this shows off the variety of rocks very well. The scattering of trees sets the scale nicely also. I’m wondering how a bit of burning-in on the brightest whites to reduce the starkness of the lower 2/3rds would look.

Thanks for the great input and comments, @Dave_Dillemuth, @Shirley_Freeman, @Adhika_Lie, @Ed_McGuirk, @masdamb. I played with crops and decided to keep it as is, but I did use a gradient mask and burned the bottom some per @Mark_Seaver 's suggestion. Reposted above. Thanks for all the input.

I like the repost even better, Harley. I took the liberty to edit the title to add repost so that others will check your changes.

I would like something to indicate the scale or how large an area this is. I think my mind is fooled with this shot. Yes there are trees…or are they bushes?

from my short time living in texas a bush is a bush if shorter than a man on a horse else it becomes a tree if taller???


Seemingly a lot going on with this one, yet it also is a case where you’ve done a great job isolating a compact scene from the bigger view. For me, the main interest is all that is included between the two diagonally opposed ever greens. Dave’s suggestion of a crop was exactly what I was thinking and was going to suggest. But I see you perspective and do think that the gradient burn has helped quite a bit.

Love the colors and processing. Beautifully seen and processed.