Capybara Sunrise

On a couple different occasions during my recent Brazil tour, we had capybaras hanging out on this sandbar in the Cuiaba River at sunrise. Some day I hope to get a jaguar in this position. :wink:

Canon 1DX
Canon 100-400mm
ISO 400


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So I guess the way to get your wish is to stake a Capy here and wait…:wink: The colors in the water are great. There’s enough detail in the dark background to keep the whole frame interesting and having the Capybara in the sun glint makes it even more the focus. The centering of the Capy and sun glint adds to a stable, peaceful feeling. Did you take some with the Capy off center? It would be interesting to compare the results.

Thanks Mark. I took a few different shots with different compositions (and focal lengths), but the goal in this case was to align the capybara with that bright line of reflected sunlight, so it made sense to me to have that cutting right through the center of the frame.


Hi Max ! I am addicted to backlit images so hard not to like this one . . . Good luck with the jaguar :wink: