Cardiac Canyon 15

This was the trip that got me back to photography. I was working in Ontario, CA. My wife, my son, and his wife all flew into Phoenix, AZ. The next morning we drove up to Sedona, then up to Page. This is not Antelope Canyon but a different Navajo family. Antelope has become Disneyland putting about 50 people an hour thru the upper and lower canyons. At Cardiac Canyon run by the Taadidiin family, we had 2 guides and were hiking for about 10 hours without seeing any other people. All my images were made with an iPhone 8, the only camera I had at the time.
This and my recent trip to the Texas swamps are my all-time favorite experiences.

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your thoughts

Technical Details

iPhone 8 the sunbeams were added post


I really like that first one, Steve. And with an iPhone too. Awesome.

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That first image is surreal. The other two are also wonderful. Well done.

3 great shots - my favorite is the 3rd (though I might prefer it without added sunbeams).

Thanks @Mike_Friel @David_Bostock @StephenPrunier
I think I will revisit these images, now that I have a little more experience with developing.

When I sent these back to the guides to see, they were excited about the green in the 3rd image.
The day before the hike it rained, that brings out the green Lichen. The Lichen is always there but is only visible after rain. Have you seen many slot canyon images with green?

Wow!! Just came across these in my perpetual effort to catch up here. Spectacular!