Cardinal amongst the crabapples

What technical feedback would you like if any? Sharpness, details

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Composition

Any pertinent technical details: Canon 80D, Tamron 18-400mm @ 400mm

1/1000 F-8 ISO 400 tripod

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I like the composition and the cardinal looking into the image. I might add a slight vignette to take some of the brightness off the snow on the edges of the frame.

Shot through window glass ??

Thanks for sharing

Hi John,

I have a sweet spot for cardinals and just love this image.

When I look at it, to me there is a cast that needs to be remove. I simply went into ACR and selected color balance and then selected a white snow flake. Then I look to boost the reds a bit, then sculpted with dodge and burn, there are a lot of white background hotpot, which I colorized with a weak pink. Finally I put some attention on the subject with a vignette.

All things for your consideration. This is a wonderful capture!

This is really sweet, John. I love the setting and the bird looks to be in beautiful condition. My only suggestions are to add a touch of light and sharpening to the face of the bird to help let the viewer’s eye slide off the bright breast up to the face.


I agree with previous commenters, particularly on using a vignette to bring attention to the bird. You specifically asked about sharpness - the focus could be sharper. At that DOF and SS, it should have been sharp. Did you perhaps leave vibration control turned on? With a tripod, most lenses should have it off. But it’s a beautiful photo with much interest added by the snow and berries.

I like the composition/setting. A nice capture.

Thank you, I had not noticed a cast.

very nice. The colors in the beak echoed in the berries pops the image.