Carolina Wren

These birds have such personalities! Love the attitude of these little guys. Seen in the backyard set up. Attracted by peanuts.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 90D Sigma 150-600 C, tripod
ISO 400, f10, 1/1000s


Very nice, Allen. They are fun little birds and you caught a nice pose with good details. As I type this, I can hear a wren outside, singing his lungs out!

You are certainly getting your money’s worth out of those peanuts. Dandy shot of the wren. Perhaps a bit more light on the bird? And nice use of the perch. A really good look back pose.

Hi Allen
I think the Wren is make a social comment about you taking it’s picture. They are fun to watch. You timed the shot nicely, with the head turned eye contact. The detail and color also very nice.

Another backyard beauty, Allen. The cocked tail is classic wren and you caught a great head turn. Interesting behavior-I’ve never had a wren come to my feeders, though they’ve come to my bathing pools.

Beautiful shot of such a sweet bird! Looks like he’s checking on you to make sure you keep the peanuts coming!

That wren is thinking about mooning you :smiley: . I like the composition and the background color goes nicely with the wren. I have no nits and like this one as presented. Well done…Jim