Casa Grande of Big bend

Milky Way in Big Bend National park, designated international dark sky. Casa Grande is the formation and it is 7,432 feet high. It was a cold (20 degree) night and beautiful night sky.
Chisos campground is a mile high where I photographed this.
Sony a7r
Rokinon 14 mm f2 @ f4.5
30 seconds with ISO 3200

Nice shot of the Milky Way, Rick. Any chance of sharing the technicals on this? I’m always interested in how photographers handle this challenging subject.

Sony a7r
ISO 3200
f4.5 / 30 seconds
Rokinon 14 mm

Nice composition here Rick, I really like seeing the Milky Way as a 45 degree diagonal like this. I would assume this was very taken very early in the morning, but I guess that depends on what month of the year you shot this.

about 5 am on descent

My only nit would be the tree/bush in the right side of the image. Still a nice image. Ron

I agree with that but…

I know it is what it is, hard to see these things in a dark composition. Ron