Castle Keep

As I recall a castle keep was a tower or fortified part of a castle and this formation looked pretty fortified to me…:grinning:
There was a war movie back in the 60’s by that name which was a bit off centered from my recollection. Only saw it once but left me head scratching back then…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d posted a wider angle of this scene as part of a 3 shot MF pano some time back and finally returned to this site with my LF gear for this 1 image slice of that scene.
Not too much to mention here beyond this was a winter sunrise recently at JTNP.

Wista DXIII 4x5 - Schneider APO 120mm lens - Velvia 50

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I really like this one, Paul. I find it a most enjoyable desert image.

Paul, This is beautifully captured and I’m very much enjoying this one. Wonderful comp, light and great color. Love that sky!

Wonderful light and nice color. The J-Tree and the rock balance the composition nicely. Well done sunrise image, Paul.

Hi Paul,

I like the color of the sky which makes the yellows and golds brighter in the scene. I think your comp is very pleasing as well…Jim

Wonderful desert landscape Paul; beautiful colors and nicely composed. Such a gorgeous sky too - so much so that my only nit/wish would be for more of it! While there’s plenty of room for the Joshua tree and rock formation, I wouldn’t complain if there were more sky. :wink:


ps. Oops… please disregard my critique…:roll_eyes:

Paul, really nice sunrise image, i don’t have a lot to add beyond the other’s comments, other than I really love the touch of light hitting the Joshua Tree.

Excellent, Paul. Beautiful, rich colors.

Love the light and colors.