Cautious Dove

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

All comments welcome!

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If backgrounds have been removed, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

A couple of days ago I managed to sit still long enough for a cautious Mourning Dove to approach me (and some scattered seed). I was on a tripod and was focusing manually through the grass, although AF would have worked with this brief pose. Canon 1X2, 600mm f/4, 1/500, f/10, ISO 800. Cropped from horizontal format to 21% of the full frame. Minor BG work in PS with partial opacity cloning to minimize some distracting details.

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Wow! This artistic image is faaaaar from the typical avian portrait. The attitude that the subject shows. A fine catchlight. And beautiful technical attention to depth of field and exposure.

Excellent, Diane. I’ve always liked images of birds tucked away int heir habitat and half obscured and this is an excellent one. The softness of the foreground vegetation is perfect.

Hi Diane, wonderful painterly feel to this image. I like the artistic rendition. The soft tones are nice.

Wonderful DOF, pastel colors, and subject. Well composed.

Thanks everyone! After posting I wondered if it needed a little more room for the virtual tail and feet. I had cropped above the edge of the original frame thinking it would emphasize the head popping up. But now I have redone it with the original bottom of the frame. I hope (don’t think) it lost a significant amount of emphasis on the head.

Diane: I really like the soft, oof tones that frame the bird. I think an alternative presentation would be one with a slight vignette, but why you’ve done is very good as is. Richard

Hi Diane
I agree with all the other comments , this cool looking Dove and I. think your first post is fine.

I love this. Your muted yellow BGs are killer. It’s also very impressive you nailed focus manually. I have never had much luck being able to do that with animals. One of my first thoughts upon seeing the original was that I’d prefer more room for the tail and feet. The repost fixes that, but it leaves me wanting just a hair more room on the left.

Thanks guys! There is lots of canvas on the left – it’s a big crop – I’ll have a look at Lyle’s idea – I think I’ll like it. I wouldn’t have been able to do manual focus if I hadn’t been on a tripod. It takes practice but sometimes it’s the only way to go with a partly-concealed moving subject. The muted BG’s are from being able to set up about 200 ft from a row of irregular trees and in this case looking down at a field of dry grass leading to the trees.

Gorgeous shot Diane. Really caught my attention and the contrast between the soft foreground and sharp bird is very satisfying.