Cave Hill Tufted Duck

Yesterday I captured this image in Cave Hill Cemetery, downtown Louisville. It was raining softly at the time. There is a nice lake a short distance behind this guy. I’m not sure of the ID, so I am calling it a Tufted Duck for now.

Thanks for looking! Comments/suggestions are appreciated!

Louisville, KY

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

An interesting looking duck, nicely captured. I also like the tree behind it. Not sure of ID, either, but wonder if it isn’t some sort of “barnyard” duck-hybrid. Don’t think it is a tufted duck, though. Be interested to see what others think.

I like this a lot, Jim. the composition works very well and I like the in-focus tree trunk behind the duck. the water drops are a very nice plus as is your nice low point of view.

Nicely done.

I’ve no idea what type of cross this is, but I’ve seen tufts like this before, and they were identified as a not-too-uncommon cranial tumor with a patch of odd feathers growing out of it.
On the other hand, you may have captured the first real Pied Tufted Duck! :smile: