Chasing the Rain

One of those almost dreary days but just enough interest to take some exposures.

Specific Feedback Requested

Two image treatments . Which treatment do you like best and what is your opinion on the crop?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D810, 17-37 @17mm, f/16, 9 1/2 minutes, ISO 32, Big Stopper 10

Long exposure, the lightning was a bonus as I did not see it until in processing.

50/50 ACR PS with a touch of TK

I like the first more because it is more emotionally strong. However, the second has more information in the darker areas so that’s in its favor. I prefer the sky in the first but the lower area of the second. That’s a generalization because if you did that it would look strange. But the contrast in the sky of the second image really does not work for me.

Chris, this is a nicely moody seashore scene, with the lightning as a super bonus. I’m with Igor in liking the detail in the near grass in version 2 but liking the darker sky in the original. My suggestion would be to gently burn-in the brighter, central-left section of the sky in version 2.

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Did several burns at varying %'s