Checking In With Dad

I was out in the desert with my dog Tioga. She was tearing around chasing lizards and mice and sniffing in the infinite burrows. Every now and then she would stop and make sure dad was still safely nearby.


Cool one, Harley…had to look at the full size to find her. She was being a bit coy in her safety check. Surprisingly even with the hollow trunks on J-trees just how heavy they really are.
Is Tioga snake smart? We put our 2 Siberians through a class many years ago when they were a year old that worked pretty well. Now they even have canine snake vaccines but not sure how effective they are.

Nice human interest story. You sure do like that dog. This must’ve been a quick grab shot because I doubt it posed like that.

Great pose. I’m a sucker for any image with a lab in it. I too had to blow this up big to see Tioga. Good catch since it probably didn’t last long. Glad dad was OK.
PS @Paul_Breitkreuz my chocolate lab was bitten by a snake a few years ago and survived although not without complications. Ever since we have given all three of our labs the vaccine. Don’t know if they work but I don’t ever want to go through that snake bite experience again. Daily trips to the vet to have the wound cleaned and rebandaged. It was oozing for three weeks and liquified the tissue inside. Better safe than sorry.

Nice one! Assuming capturing this frame took some quick action, you came away with a very well balanced composition. Looks like an interesting place to hunker down for a week.

I totally agree David. Really glad to hear you were able to save your dog.
Growing up my two brothers and I had to step over rattlers they were so thick. For whatever reason our collie mixes had a sixth sense for the darn things and always alerted us to the danger. Our collies were docile critters until rattlers were near. They were invaluable when we camped out on the ground in our desert like environment.
I can truly connect with your comment on “liquefied skin” as I’d seen it on a close friend in school. She had been bitten by a diamondback and later in life you would have sworn the back of her leg calf area had 3rd degree burns.
I wish I could give input on the dog vaccine, but it was not a known alternative when we had our Siberian Huskies. We did put them through snake avoidance class that was very successful in the end.

Awwwww… awesome capture Harley. Have to admit, wasn’t quite sure what you were after only seeing the small post version and also wondering what Dad had to do with Joshua trees… but then got a big smile on my face opening up the large version. Just awesome is all I can say!