Sometimes I find the telephoto is more interesting than the grand scene.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback or perspectives are appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
400mm, 1/640s, F/13, ISO500

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The image is quite nice, I particularly like the patterns and textures in the clouds. It does have a large cyan/blue cast to it that is bothersome. I played with it to reduce that for comparison.



I often find the telephoto more interesting than the grand scene. :wink: This is lovely for the texture contrasts between the soft cloud vs. hard rock and the way the clouds on the left interact with the rock wall. I could see a 4:5 crop to emphasize the left 2/3 of the frame.

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This is great…I love the intersecting lines within the mountain and the contrast between textures with the clouds. I personally prefer the cooler WB and suspect that was intentional. It helps convey mood to me and I prefer it to the WB corrected image. Excellent image.

I do think @Bonnie_Lampley is making a good point and can see the value of losing the “notch” toward the right side of the frame if you’d like to simplify the image further, keeping the eye towards the dominant textures and lines on the mountain, playing with the clouds.

Hi Nathan - It looks like the mountain is laying its head on a pillow of clouds. I like the textures and contrasts. I agree with Bill on the cyan/blue cast.

I like the color and processing of the original, I think the blue adds kind of a sinister mood that I like. The blue in the sky to the left of the mountain creates a very “stormy” look. I do agree with @Bonnie_Lampley about cropping to lose the notch on the right, I think it is a helpful bit of simplification.

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Wonderful, Nathan. This image really works because of the way a long lens flattens the depth and leaves the rock and cloud visually on the same plane. The diagonals give this image a real sense of tension and drama. The textures add to the drama particularly the snow on the rock. Personally, I love the blue cast in this image, which seems to accentuate the cold isolation of the scene. While I like it as is, a slight crop from the right as Bonnie, Jim and Ed have suggested would add further to the drama. Nicely done.

@Bill_Chambers @Bonnie_Lampley @Jim_McGovern @Eva_McDermott @Ed_McGuirk @Kerry_Gordon thank you for your comments on this image. The cyan/blue was in fact intentional, I used a solid color overlay technique to colorize the shadows, hopefully making the appearance a slight departure from reality. I think that Bill’s direction is also valid but I would add more contrast to the version without the colourization so that it looks less literal and more abstract.

Here is the 4by5 crop for comparison. I think it works!

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