Choice of forks

In mid December, following a lengthy hike at a favorite local state park this moss covered tree caught my eye at twilight very near the parking area. Ironic as I had been hiking for a few hours with little to show for it. The brush and trees provided limited options but I came up with this one. I went back a few days ago following a snow storm and could not help myself from shooting the same scene.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any as always

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Does this comp work for you, which do you prefer?

Any pertinent technical details:

NikonD7500, Iso 100, 24mm, f11, 1.3sec

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I much prefer the colored version. The lime green overlaying the cyan green makes for an intriguing color composition. In this case the color adds a lot to the image.


Always fun and challenging returning to the same scene and composition during different conditions, seasons, etc. I’m pretty much with Igor in preferring the color version. I like that you’ve kept the colors real and tamed. The only minor nit would be the presence of the smaller tree on the left.

The b&w works too. Biggest nit there is the thin snow covered branch LLC - definitely an eye magnet there. I think a couple of tweaks to this one and it might rival the color version (for different reasons.) I’d clone out that thin branch LLC, the crop just a tad from the bottom, a tad, tad more off the right. Then I would carefully clone in some texture in some of the snow-covered areas with no detail. I do like how nicely the “forked” tree stands out against the bg in the b&w version.


Thanks for your comments Igor, I also like the color for the same reasons you suggested.

Great view of the changing seasons. With a side by side, maybe present both in color? I definitely prefer the color, with its richness and feeling of fertility, but the images are very very different in mood and presentation.

Lon, thanks for your suggestions. I had already cloned out a few branches in the lower part of the frame and felt cloning the smaller tree on the left might be a bit beyond remaining true to the original scene? I totally agree it is not ideal.
I like your suggestions on the B&W and have incorporated the crops and texturing (is that a word?). They are nice improvements! I appreciate the comments.

Harley, here it is. I did a quick and dirty edit job. I did originally consider the winter version in color but for some reason posted the B&W. This was one of those scenes that was interesting to me because it caught my eye during both seasons. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Thanks for posting this one. I am usually a B&W guy, but for some reason, I prefer this one in color. I still like the green the best, but I like this as well.

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Great job on the repost Alan. I think this is the best in terms of overall processing and minimized distractions. Still like the variation in green hues in the first, but I think this one is the cleanest. Thanks for taking the time.