Cholla Cactus

saw these chollas backlit in early morning so I used a long 600 mm lens to isolate from the background

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

shot on Sony A1 with Sony GM 600 lens at f4 and 1/1600 sec


Gorgeous back lighting on this cholla group, Larry. This one looks really intact too… :+1:
I started wearing snake guards in the deserts years ago. In the end I found them more of a protection against these devils than the snakes. The needle punctures hurt, but the removal with the barbed ends are ridiculous… :sob:

Hi Larry,
Great choice for DOF management.
I like it that I can still see the green under the needles as well as the highlights you’re showcasing.

Very nicely done! :slight_smile:

Oh how cool. The backlight works really well to soften an otherwise quite uninviting subject in some ways. The same goes for the mix of sharp and soft branches of the plant. Aren’t these the ones you shouldn’t get near for fear of shedding needles? Not being a desert dweller I don’t know specifically, but have heard it. I quite like the soft background and mix of tonalities here, but wonder if it’s a touch on the warm side.