Circle, dot, line

27 July 2018 there where a blood moon (lunar eclipse) that could be seen in Sweden. But also Mars was visible not that far from the moon.

These type of images could become somewhat boring being documentary only if no interesting foreground. But here is Mars and a cloud visible together with the moon adding up to three geometrical objects giving the image at least some compositional interest.

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Fascinating, Ola. I’ve never had the opportunity to see this phenomenon. Lucky you. The image is so subtle, at least for me, it does an abstract feel. Great capture.

Ola, I’ve shot a lunar eclipse (maybe even the same one…) and got just what you talk about…a modest size redish moon in a big, nearly empty sky. Your ability to get a cloud and Mars adds interest. My thought on this view is that if you crop it to a vertical, there’s some dynamic tension between the moon and Mars with the cloud acting as a dividing line. It’s fascinating that Mars is so much brighter than the moon.

Oh you got a good one here! The clouds make it in my opinion. Otherwise it would be just two pink dots. You’ve placed them perfectly as well. Like punctuation at the end of a sentence. A colon maybe. I might try playing with some blue or purple channel luminance to vary the shading a bit and see if it makes the clouds a sliver more intense, but that’s really a personal preference. Brava!

@linda_mellor, @Kris_Smith and @Mark_Seaver thank for your kind comments and suggestions for improvements. I will try yhem out!