Circular filter pouch

I would like to carry three circular filters with me while I backpack. What type of pouch or carrying mechanism do others recommend. The pouches I’ve seen have a mesh pocket, that seems like it might scratch the filter if they rub together.
Any tips / suggestions?

I think the Filter Nest Mini would be perfect for your needs, I’ve also used this one, but it’s a bit more bulky and will hold more than you need.

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Second the Filter Nest Mini. I use it and for me it is perfect size. I carry 3 ND’s, polarizers, and a couple step up rings. Works perfectly.

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Another vote for ThinkTank’s Filter Nest. I have the larger size and want to get the Mini for the times I don’t need to carry 6-8 filters and adapter rings.


To stay consistent, I make it a point to only purchase 77mm dia lenses and add step up to 77mm. I only use and bring in 77mm filters.

Then based on my field use statistics, 90% of the time, I only need a 77mm C-pol or 3ND. I stopped using those filter nests type bags because they are storage/carry devices with minimum protect from dust/dirt/fingerprints. They are cumbersome; I never liked them.

To protect my filters, I label & put each filter in their stack cap bottom and 77mm lens cap top, then put it into my pocket and walk-in.

I have all types of 77mm round filters (3,6,9 ND, black glass, IR, nite, etc.). At the trailhead, I’ll decide what to use and bring in or pack in. Typically it’s just a CPOL and 3ND.

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