Clear Reflections

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Sony RX10 IV - 1/400, f/4, 2000 ISO, 200mm equivalent
Edited in On1 Perfect Effects

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I like this image, it’s really caught my eye. The main elements have almost translucent levels of luminosity making for gorgeous contrast with the darks. Have you played around with the colour palette? Would love to compare different variations of colour harmonies with this image, that said I think looks great as it is.

Only other thing I would suggest is to consider some edge patrol. Have close look all round the perimeter of the image. It may help tighten up the composition by removing any unnecessary distractions. For me, cropping off tight above the partial leaf in bottom right hand corner and perhaps a removing a thin slither from the top edge? However, if this is your final vision for the image, that’s cool!


This is quite whimsical! My eye stays engaged trying to follow and figure out the leaves and what’s going on here (I’m often too literal…) I happen to really like the lime green colors and also combined with the earth tones beneath. A little less sure about the blue/purple band of colors on the left. I find them pulling my eye away from the main story of the leaves. Of course with images like this is completely your choice, but I could do without the left side. I think you have some interesting presentations as well if you rotate and flip this thing around. Great possibilities here!

Agree with John and at a minimum crop or clone the sliver of bright leaf in the LRC.

Thanks for sharing,


I like the ambiguity of this image. It has a certain artistic quality. I would burn in a couple of the bright blue areas on the left.

Thanks for the feedback @John_Neish @Lon_Overacker @Igor_Doncov - I hadn’t noticed the partial leaf in the LR corner and will ponder the light colors on the left side as well.