Clouds - Mt. Kearsarge, NH + Repost

Any feedback is most welcome!

Fuji GFX 50S Fuji 32-64mm @32mm 1/250s f/11 ISO 200

Love the all the character in the clouds John. The image works really well as a black/white, for me. Very nice photo.

Amazing effect here. The light cloud looks more like a crashing wave than a cloud. I’m pretty sure that’s your intent with this image. Don’t know what to suggest. The grass in the llc stands out a bit, as does the black tree above it.

That is one angry looking cloud, and I love it !!!

Was this taken the same day as your prior Mt. Kearsage post?

It’s not fair to compare the two posts I guess, but I prefer this current post to your prior Kearsage image. This image is more tightly focused on showcasing the dramatic cloud, you show less of the mountain and I think that helps. The processing here looks great, the tonalities in the cloud and trees look excellent. The contrast and tonality in this image convey a more crisp and clean look than the prior post too.

My only nitpick is the dark tree that’s cut off along the left frame edge, it’s an eye magnet. I would either clone or crop it away, just to tighten this up slightly. But overall, this is a great image.

Wow, John, the clouds are wonderful and unique. It’s hard to say what they look like, almost a huge flower blasting out. I see more and more in the cloud cluster the longer I look at it. The dark roundish cloud in the ULC looks a bit distracting to me, perhaps it throws off the balance of the image a bit. I don’t know there’s much to do about it. Excellent B&W image.

Thanks for the feedback Larry. JT

Thanks Ed. I’ll see what I can do. JT

@Ed_McGuirk @Larry_Greenbaum Is the repost better? Thanks, JT

John, Yes, the repost is better, but I wonder if you can get rid of that cloud mass in the ULC using content aware fill or content aware. This may be tricky because of the overlap in the clouds, but worth a try. Just a suggestion to an already wonderful image.

I used content-aware.

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This looks good Larry. Thanks! JT