Cold mountain

Specific Feedback Requested

Is the image underexposed? Is the crop too tight?

Technical Details

Alan, I like the crop and think that b&w works very well here. I do think the darker parts of the main mountain are too dark. Personally, I’d like to see the tip a bit better, but that’s personal. I do see quite a bit of noise in the sky. I was once told by someone who mostly did b&w conversions, that they raised the color temperature to around 5800. When I tried that, I found that noise in the blue tones was much reduced. For some reason, the blues do seem to go noisy quickly during a “standard” switch to b&w.

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Hi Alan. Powerful image. It works well in B&W. The image feels weighted to the right side with all the shadows. I think you could crop it even more and have it more balanced. I would try a square crop but that’s just my personal preference. There’s also room to bring up the white point to get more separation and bring out the textures in the mountain. Here’s my rough edit.

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Mark, thanks for the feedback and tip re: b&w conversion. I will try that next time. Cheers, Alan

Really helpful critique as always, Andre - thank you! A square crop does have merit, but I tend to prefer the subject to be slightly off-centre.

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