Color or black & White

I have an exhibit coming up and would like feedback on whether I should use the color or black & white version. The show will have both black & white and color photos.

Wahkeena Creek Ice 17-1456a bw|607x500

I wasn’t able to display both images in the same post, so here is the BW version.
Canon 5D MKIV, 1.3 sec, f/18, ISO 200, Canon 70-200 with 1.4 teleconverter at 250mm

Don, I think I like the color the best. I seem to be able to see more details and interest in it. I think in the B&W the separation of shapes too, because the shades or so similar in the bottom portion of the ice in particular, and so it runs together. That is just my preference, as they are both well presented. Nice details.

Both work quite well, but I slightly favor the B&W. It really makes the image look more impactful and abstract to my eye. Really nice.

Don, I think both versions look fine. I’d choose the color because I find the subtle color both in the vegetation and the blue tones in the ice add interest. Not having the vegetation in most of the ice lets it textures show well. You can load both images in the same post either by selecting both at once when the software asks for your upload or by using the Add Image button twice. Doing that lets the viewer use the arrows to jump back and forth between the two large views for a better comparison. Should you choose the b&w version, I’d suggest toning down the brightest parts slightly to show more details.

Don: I do prefer the color version pretty much for the same reasons Mark cited. I also like a crop that eliminates the lower 20% or so of the image to completely fill the frame with the ice. Nice scene superbly captured and presented. >=))>