Colour Transitions

Shot in the backcountry in Jasper National Park the analogous colour transition caught my eye here. It’s not often that I see colours go from red to yellow to green to blue in nature. There was also a bit of a blurry rainbow on the peak at the back although the shape wasn’t a typical bow shape. I’ve never seen a rainbow patch of light before.

Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

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73mm, 1/250s, f11, ISO 200

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That’s quite a gorgeous atmosphere you have there, Nathan. And I really think the processing is very well done. I agree about the color, beautifully seen. It reminds me somewhat of the Alaskan tundra. That said, I find the composition a little bit confusing. The light on the mountain pulls my eyes right away so its position on the far left side of the image is a little bit surprising to me. Additionally, I find the right 1/3 of the image doesn’t add much to the conversation either.

Hi Adhika,

I agree its not a graphic composition but perhaps a front to back effect.

Would you suggest a crop or maybe emphasising the spot light on the URC mountain to improve the flow.

Maybe it’s one of those shots that is a documentation of a memorable experience as opposed to something that translates broadly.

This just feels like Alaska to me, and it really conveys Alaska’s beautiful ruggedness. Adhika makes some good points, although I like the right side of the frame more than he does. I also thought you had an interesting idea in re: to emphasizing the light on the right to balance the comp. I’d consider something like the below, where I darkened the darks a bit, dodged the lighter portions of the mountain in the middle and right side of the frame and burned the highlights on the left a bit.

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Nathan, Your insights on the color transitions are well displayed in the image. I like @Lyle_Gruby’s rework of the image for the balance and punch he gives it. After all is said, if you like the image as it conveys your vision that is enough. I agree that this looks like Alaska; no surprise as the latitude is quite similar.

Lyle’s rework pretty good. Saturation is elevated in his version. The lighting is pretty good and I like the subtle cooler colors in the scene…Jim

I played with the crop a little bit but trying to choose between the right and the left is not an easy task. They are both equally strong and there is that creek in the middle. I think this overall presentation is perhaps the best and the more I look at it, the more I can accept it as what it is.

This is definitely more than of a mere documentation. There is something special here just that the composition is not traditional.

Fascinating image and comments! When I look at the image for attractive elements, there are a lot. The overall color is great, the mountains are beautiful, the stream is a nice meander, and the rainbow is beautiful. What my eye struggles with, is to tie them together. It’s hard for me to put into words, but I feel that my eye jumps around, without a logical flow between all that good stuff.

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Thank you for the engaging conversation on this image. Lyle I think you’ve taken the image in the right direction. The Alaska comparisons are interesting as this was shot around the 52nd parallel - although at an elevation of 2000m (6500ft), so perhaps that equates to just about sea level at the Alaskan latitudes.

I like the original version. The rework does improve it a bit, however. The crop off the bottom helps as does that color and very slight increase in contrast. The increase of light on the right side of the mountains is also a plus except that it’s whiter than that of the left side. I think they should be consistent.