Columnar basalt outcropping

Columnar basalt is quite common in Iceland in multiple locations. Here’s one location in the South Central area where the outcropping is just breaking through the surface of the ground. This is at least 20 minutes off the main road that circumnavigate’s Iceland.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 2500, 16 to 35 mm at 16 mm, F8, 1250th, quite cloudy and dark, handheld, nearly full frame, Sony Alpha one

What I find fascinating is the pentagon 5-sided shape of most of the columns coming up out of the ground. Almost like crystals. I also like the s-curve going from the foreground group of stones, to the left and then to the back group of stones.

David, this is a great view of the tops of these columnar basalt pillars. Your model shows of their size nicely. Yellowstone offers quite a few views of columnar basalt, but always from the side, which makes for a very different look. The “game board” look here is special.