Coming to river Ramganga

![Coming to river Ramganga]

Asian Elephants coming out of tall elephant grass to the river for a drink and a bath.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5 D 4; 500 mm; ISO 640; 1/640 sec. at F 5.6

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A great line of beauties here! Exposure and focus look perfect. I only wish there was more room for that lead elephant to step into here. Maybe it’s a crop or maybe it was just the circumstance and the fact that they were coming on fast. Could you add canvas or maybe borrow from another shot in the series and do a blend? I think it’s such a wonderful representation of how they move around together.

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I really like this shot, Jagdeep! The light in the scene is very nice and the diagonal line of the elephants makes it graphically pleasing as well as providing depth to the scene. Maybe a little bit tight but I suspect it’s not a crop so no problem for me.

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