Common Pierrot

It was still wet and dull, so added a pinch of light from behind…

6DII, 180 Tamron, 800ISO, F7.1, 1/250

Balan Vinod

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Balan, very nice image. The position and backlight really set this off nicely.

Gorgeous. Backlighting works so well here and you haven’t lost any detail. Skillz! I’d like the whole leaf at the bottom if you have it. I think it would balance well.

Balan, this is really nice. I too like the back lighting. Nice details in the BF.

Beautiful light with the dark background.

Black background perfect for the black and white guy - and the head is so sharp! Kudos.

Balan: Love the play of light on the butterfly and the comp and perch. Really well done. >=))>