Congratulations Tony Siciliano, Yosemite Renaissance 34 Selection

Congratulations @Tony_Siciliano for your selection in the 2019 Yosemite Renaissance 34! that’s a great honor.

You hinted at it in your recent Merced river post, and actually I had seen the list before and have been meaning to post. I’m not sure if any other NPN member was selected. I didn’t recognize very many names this year.

Here’s a link to the announcement and list of exhibitors. Unfortunately I don’t have a link to any of the images of those selections. Edit, the link now shows the selections.

And it should also be noted that there are quite a few members who have been selected and won awards for the Yosemite Renaissance. From the 2018 Exhibit the following members also had work selected:
Charlotte Gibb(2)
Tony Siciliano (2 in a row!)
Kathy Barnhart
Michael Gordon

Congrats to all!


Congratulations, Tony!

Congratulations also to those NPNers from 2018!

Congrats to Tony and all the other NPN members!

Congratulations, Tony.

Congratulations Tony! Congratulations Charlotte, Kathy, and Michael!

Congratulations to all :beers: …Jim

Lon, thanks for taking time to share this info.

Congratulations to all the NPN honorees that were listed…:+1:

Thanks all. 15 minutes of fame. Cool!
The artwork was just posted, but all the names of the artists aren’t up yet:

congrats to you and all the NPN winners! fine work from all.