Couldn't Pass Them By & rework

Rework based on some feedback, added contrast, cropped a little and redid the vignette and I hardly changed the contrast at all but I think it looks totally different and not dreamy anymore….

I had camped at a State Park in Iowa where tons of Turkey Vultures live during the summer. I woke up early to watch the vultures rise from their roosts to hang out by the dam to start their day. I saw this field of flowers on the way to my lookout, and I took this one photo of them. I liked the way the sun was starting to light them up.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400, 300mm, f/6.3, ISO 400, 1/400 , adjusted exposure, did a slight vignette


Oh Vanessa! This is wonderful! The colours are gorgeous and you’ve captured the light perfectly. I like the vignette too. Background is soft and lovely.

Well seen and captured.

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Thanks, so much, @glennie for your kind words! Glad you like them!

Lovely, Vanessa. The lighting along with your POV, provides a wonderful way to wake up. The soft focus also adds to the “dreaminess” of the scene. Nicely seen and captured.

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As @linda_mellor said, dreamy with that soft focus. Nicely captured.


Very lovely! I’d consider cloning out the dark areas at the top and the petals just peeking in from the left edge. The vignette has created lovely colors and tonalities, but in contrast the center looks a bit washed out. I wonder how it would work to make that adjustment globally and then vignette in a way that darkened without increasing saturation. Or, if that doesn’t work well, maybe just increase contrast (which will increase saturation) in a soft-edged circular area in the center.


Beautiful. The image expresses to gentle morning beauty of a field of prairie flowers.

I would like to see how Diane’s suggestions would impact the look of the image. It’s an interesting approach, but I wouldn’t want to eliminate the slight haze.

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Thanks all for your feedback and comments! I’ll have to see if I can do anything to improve the image @Diane_Miller I’ve tried different things and the colors look the most natural with this and it also gives it the dreamy look that @linda_mellor @David_Bostock @paul_g_wiegman mention, I’ll have to try again with the few flower petals peeking on the left. I kind of gave up because I kept on messing up stems and stuff around it! I’m really bad at detailed, finesse work. Even in what I’ve done in construction I’m a framer and demo person, not a finish carpenter! :sweat_smile:

I too like the dreamy feel but think it needs just a bit more contrast on the petals to keep them from disappearing into the BG.

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