Country Road

This was taken 12 years ago with my first entry level Canon SLR, a Rebel XT, so the image quality is not up to present standards. That aside, I’d love any suggestions for processing. Specifically, more of a crop on the right? I didn’t sharpen the image much since it already seems so “crunchy”. More sharpening? Any other suggestions?

The camera settings are a bit wonky, I was just starting out…
17 mm lens (1.4 crop factor) f 7.1 1/400 sec ISO 100 shot on a tripod


Love this! Makes me feel right at home - looks like this could have been taken within a few miles of where I live. Upon longer review, this perhaps could be on the CA coast as well… But location really doesn’t matter.

I really get a direct impression of “after the rain.” the sheen on the road and even the grasses look wet - which I find amazing given this is b&w. I’m a little on the fence (sorry) about the pov being right over this fence/gate. The good news though is that I like the leading lines of both fences and the roadway, leading the eye in to the frame and to the big star - the storm clouds. And then the little element, but a nice addition is the flight of the birds - I’m guessing red winged black birds; again the type of bird is irrelevant.

Not sure if I have any worthy suggestions. I wouldn’t crop anything. Sharpness looks fine to me. The obvious suggestion might be to play around with contrast in the clouds, somehow squeezing out more drama? But honestly, I like the clouds as presented.

Maybe someone else might have some better help. But I’m not sure how much could be improved.


Definitely looks like California hills. It has a nice balance, exposure is great. I love the clouds the way they are. The road is the most prominent linear feature, seconded by the middle fence. Perhaps dodging that bit of light ground along the right-hand fence line, to make a lighter linear feature there would provide some balance to the bright road. And bring up the shadows in the dark fence post at the end of the middle fence. My eye starts down that fence, and is stopped by the post. It seems anathema, but maybe burning the road just a tad (to balance the light as Sean Bagshaw says).

And the image quality is fine!

I like this. The leading lines of the road and the fence on the right bring me right into the scene. Image quality is great although it’s hard to tell from a web post. I am on the fence ( pun intended ) about the fence in the middle. It kind of leads me in and then brings me to a halt. Perhaps dodging the post as Bonnie suggested would alleviate that problem.

Tony, I really like the clouds and strong lines in this scene. I agree with @Bonnie_Lampley and would try and bring out more detail (if possible) in the very dark fence post in the center, I think it will help lessen it’s impact and distraction. Depending upon your cloning ethics, you might even try to shorten it with some cloning to create separation from it, and where it nearly touches the road in the distance. I do not think cropping from the right will be an improvement.

Thanks for the comments. I tried cloning out some of the fence post as suggested but gave up because it is too difficult. So I lightened the post and increased contrast in the sky, as well as brighting up the light leading lines on the right side. A lighter post really does work better. Thanks all.


I really like the changes! Thanks for the repost.

Oh yes, what a difference it made lightening up that post!