Crab RIP

Some of my photographer friends thought I should not leave so much space on the left of the image. My view was there was an implied curved line the started on the right hand side, moved to the bottom and then to the upper left, thereby needing some room. What do you think?

Any other comments are welcome.

Canon 5D MK IV, 1/400 sec, f/16, ISO 640, 105mm

Don, I like all of the colors here, as well as the one bit of shell that’s been displaced. I see value in going for the symmetric view, but this offset view works as well (in a different way). A good job of seeing something that most (or even all) NPN’ers would walk past.

Don, I like this as well. It has so many shapes, lines, texture to it, making for a good image and a nice subject, that most of us would have walked past, as Mark mentioned. Well seen and captured. I am fine with the offset view as well.

Thank you for your comments. Another photographer’s comment on a photograph of mine, “I would not have seen that…” is one that I truly appreciate.

I took a photo workshop in Colorado this summer and the leader hired a jeep driver to take us on a mine tour. At one location, we all jumped out, quickly setting up our tripods, and started photographing reflections in the puddles, colored by minerals. The driver was completely flummoxed, “No one has ever done that before!” I knew we were into something good.

Don: This and the second image you posted prove that vision and the art of seeing are more important by far than technical expertise and/or equipment. I’m good with the comp as is and like that you’ve made a fine image from pretty mundane subject matter. Many kudos. >=))>

Asymmetry is an under-esteemed feature in photography. Your comp is fine as presented and I like both of your images as presented. Well done and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :santa: …Jim