Cracked Ice

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I stepped onto the ice cautiously calculating each step knowing that under all this ice was a lake. It was surreal. It was my first time being on a frozen lake. Was I nervous? You bet! Maybe it was not a good idea but the ice appeared pretty thick. I remember the faint crackling sound as I moved forward into position to get this cracked ice foreground leading back to the mountains. Thank you for taking a look.

iso: 100 | aperture: f/11 |focal length: 16 mm | shutter speed: 1/80 sec
long exposure: no | focus stack: yes | pano: no


Thanks for sharing…your story is great. Definitely raised by blood pressure reading it. Hearing the cracking ice beneath me would definitely get my attention!

As for the image…this looks great. A classic composition with excellent color management in my opinion. The sky interest is great and I like that there is similarity of the pattern of fog/cloud and the cracked ice of different texture which adds visual interest.

My only “recommendation” is based on my personal preference rather than a “flaw” in processing and that would be to lighten the shadows/decrease contrast of the trees. To my eye, the degree of darkness in the trees serves as a fairly strong distraction competing with the rest of the image. Regardless, you have a shot here to be proud of. Keep them coming!

…sorry - just realized this was in “Showcase” and I was not supposed to critique. My bad.

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Thank you Jim! No worries about the critique. Actually your feedback is helpful and I see what you mean about the treee line. I had brightened up that section but it may need a little more tuning.

The leading line on the ice helps to give the image visual flow. Nice image.

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Thank you Larry. I’m glad you enjoyed the image and the leading line formed by the ice.

Gorgeous shot! I can’t swim so I wouldn’t have done it but you pulled it off and captured something special.


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Thank you Mark! I can’t swim either so probably not the best decision but the lake was frozen solid.

A very nice winter composition. The colors are balanced between light and dark and you have showcased a wonder capture of linear lines in the ice on the frozen lake. The eye is taken from the bottom of the image to the top of the valley very nicely and you have diagonal lines along the valley of the mountains. The clouds add a mystic feel as well. Overall, the image is clear and sharp and the vertical format is exactly what was needed to make this capture feel that I am there looking up. I see that you did this as a focus stack, which resulted in a wonder composition. Very nicely done!


Thanks so much Todd! Love the feedback.

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This is an amazing image Alfredo! I keep going back to take a look at this and I’m blown away each and every time. Really excellent image!!!

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Thanks Tom. Glad you like it! Thank you for the comments.

A beautiful image, Alfredo, and a nice story.
What you describe reminds me of going out skating after only a few cold nights: the piong-piong-piong sounds in the ice when you pass over weak spots… Keep moving or you will break through the ice.
Beautiful blues in your image, fine mood.

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There is so much to like about this image Alfredo. The strong s shaped leading lines in the foreground leading to the jagged and mysterious mountain outcropping provide a strong foundation for this image. Add to that the small tufts of snow scattered across the frozen lakebed and the foggy, misty cloud cover above the peaks adds drama. The color rendering is ideal I think. The blueish lake color says really cold to me, and probably depicts what the true color was actually like. I can’t believe you walked out on that ice! We photographers will do some crazy ---- to get a shot, won’t we? :rofl: Congrats!

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Thank you kindly Han!

Thank you David for taking the time to comment! Yes it’s pretty crazy what we do sometimes.