Cracked Up

This is one of a series of photos taken with my Mavic looking straight down from above while at the Alvord Desert’s mud cracked playa in Eastern Oregon. No processing just a snap.

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

No processing.

If this is a composite please be honest with your techniques and share some details so others can learn: Single Exposure.

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I love mudracks. It’s so fun imagining this image at various scales.

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I should post the series at my blog Bill. Each have their own appeal. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Super nice, Gary. The detail is incredible, and the monotone palette works so well with this. I’d be afraid to walk around on it for fear of ruining a composition.
EDIT: But then with a drone I guess you would have to be either pretty novice or maybe just dumb to do that!

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Fascinating composition. It almost looks Islamic in terms of the preciseness of repeated geometric shapes. Beautiful area that I also like to visit.

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Very cool! First impression is a roadmap or freeway maze!

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A fine abstract, with nice clean lines and a variety of size scales.

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Hi Bill. The playa is quite vast really. It allows for people to camp, drive or walk around on it when it’s not wet. Land sailors speed down it. There’s even been land speed records set there. When it’s wet you can get stuck easily in your car and mired down if you walk into it. There’s certainly a playa etiquette that involves preservation, courtesy of others as well as safety while your there.

With the Mavic it was easy to find flawless areas on the playa to photograph.

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

@Igor_Doncov I can imagine that. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your interpretation. :slight_smile:

@Lon_Overacker Can you see this as a jigsaw puzzle? :smiley:

@Mark_Seaver I’ve meant to post all of the elevations at my website in a blog post. Perhaps this is motivation. :wink: Thank you.