Crepuscular display in Hillock Wood

My first image to this wonderful group I have stumbled across. This was taken on a glorious morning in Hillock Wood, Princes Risborough after spending a good hour enjoying the mist and autumn foliage I was treated to a glorious display of sun rays that kept me on my toes as I tracked the sun through the wood, leaping from ray to ray to get some great scenes. Only lasted for about 20 minutes but was a great moment.


Gorgeous. There’s something that draws me about the way the far right, center, and far left trees all lean a little bit to the left. It makes it feel a little more natural and organic than if they were straight.

Welcome to NPN Andy. Looks like a beautiful place to relax and just enjoy the moment. . . just a bonus you could get this image. Nicely done. Looking forward to more of your photos.

Thank you Brent, it wasn’t until I reviewed the image that I noticed the leaning trees against the upright conifers, I was too caught up in the moment! I always prefer things to be natural rather than forced.

Thank you Linda, on mornings like that you are always in awe of the surroundings and its a battle between wanting to take the image and just standing and soaking up the atmosphere :slight_smile: plenty more to come!

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Welcome to NPN @Houghster.

Beautiful shot. I bet it was a great experience to be there enjoying this amazing light.
I love the way the image came out. First I was leaning to see it cropped as a vertical more centered, and ignore those lateral trees, but to me they give balance to the image . If cropped that close right tree would unbalance the image a lot more that in this uncropped version. So for me its great as it is.

Thanks for sharing,

Thank you for your kind comments. I know exactly what you mean about the cropping. I tried to balance the shot when shooting although I was fighting against time, as these rays do not hang about! I did consider in post narrowing the crop but as you mentioned the two outer trees provide a balance. One of my favourite shots this year and I reaped quite a few different ray shots that unforgettable morning!

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Welcome to NPN Andy. Beautiful capture. Love the light rays through the forest. Looking forward to see more images.