Dahlia Abstract

Every year about this time I wind up at the Dahlia farm just south of Portland, Oregon. I love the place. The variety is awesome. I’ve shot so many times there, that I’m trying to find unique ways to present the flowers. This is a 16 image focus stack of a very large bloom. Shot at 350mm with a macro extension tube. Shot at f/16 for .3 sec each.

A beautiful abstract, I love the curves of the petals and the raindrops. The color is very soft and appealing to me as well.

Wow! curls aplenty with dew/raindrops wrapped with a really good focus stack. At 0.3 sec each, fortune smiled on you and probably gave you no wind. Or was this in a greenhouse?

David: Superbly crafted image. I don’t stack so I’m more curious than anything regarding the number of images shot at f16. No matter what this is beautifully done.>=))>

Hi Phil and Bill, Thanks for the kind comments.

It was shot out in the field and yes, lucky day with no wind!

As for the stacking itself, I’m new at it and just testing things out. I chose f/16 because, with macro, even f/16 has a very shallow DOF. And I’m shooting with a Fujifilm GFX 50S, mini-Medium Format, where f/16 doesn’t cause a huge amount of diffraction. Everything else, number of shots, steps between shots, was purely trial and error. I did learn that I need to increase the number of shots and reduce the steps between shots in order to get more in focus front to back.

Not sure how much I’ll do with stacking in the future…but it’s nice to know that I have it in my tool kit.