Dance of light and Shadow

I haunted this ridge above the town of Reuschbach in Germany. Often, I would take these back roads, wandering around in the world’s oldest VW Golf. The beauty of it was…you didn’t know what you would find. Would it be nothing but houses in the bottom of the valley, a German farmer working the land, the seemingly endless windmills turning silently in the distance? Or would you come across something magical, fleeting, and timeless? My excitement came from what I didn’t know…dance of light and shadow.

Panasonic GH2/Lumix 45-200mm. Adobe Lightroom and SilverEfex Pro are my weapons of choice.

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Really nice.


Thanks Aaron!

Mark, I love all of the layers you have here with the diagonal ridge lines. This image has a wonderfully mysterious feeling to it. Very moody…

Thanks Ed! I miss these type of atmospheric mornings in Germany.


A truly wonderful and subtle B&W.

Your processing is just terrific…It seems you turn everything into some moody masterpiece.
Nice work.

Cheers Alberto!

Thank you Dan! And sorry for the late reply.

beautiful atmosphere @Mark_Seawell, I really appreciate how you worked with depth and layers

Cheers Andrea! The German countryside could show off some mornings!

Love the rhythm and lighting in this!