Dancing Branch

Reflection of a tree branch on water which has some movement. I have many colorful fall reflections, but sometimes the lack of color can be compelling.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon SX60, F5.6, 1/250 sec. ISO 500, -7 exposure comp


Very nice, Patricia. The image really provides a sense of motion and rhythm from the static branch… :sunglasses:

I really like this one! A simple and strong image. The water and branch waves gives a great image. The simple black and white rendering is perfect.

The black/white effect helps to emphasize the lyrical abstract feeling, at least for me, Patricia. Love the simplicity and the very soft horizonal lines which add depth. Very nicely seen and captured.

This is excellent, Patricia! So many little intricate shapes tied together in a cohesive composition.

Love this one. An endless supply of abstractions :blush:. I like the background of the soft shading of the waves contrasted with the high contrast shadow/reflection.

Very nice.

The very gentle swells of water are highlighted by the reflection of the twig, and the subtle gradation of the water surface is beautiful.

This is excellent Patricia. The disconnected bits create some intrigue and cutting off the branch at the top adds to the intrigue. Going b&w makes this nicely graphic.

Wonderful!! Intriguing is the right word. I love the intertwined lines and the puzzle of the cut off branch. B/W is perfect for this!

Beautiful image. Fabulous use of negative space.

Lovely work. The twisting lines are so simple.