Dare to be different

I was looking for simple compositions not far from home. Instead of using my neighborhood park, I noticed this single leaf sitting on top of the cast-iron plant leaves. The lighting and color contrast caught my eye. Even after having fallen from a tree, this leaf was still making a statement about daring to be different. I lowered the camera and went for a shallow DOF with my macro lens in order to accentuate the area where the Sun was shining on the leaf.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments, feedback, or critiques are welcome.

Technical Details

In LR, I toned down the highlights a bit in order to bring out the details on the leaf. Other minor adjustments and masks were applied. The camera was handheld.

IG: EgidioTX


Wonderfully shaped leaf and choice of DOF. The BG leaves are gorgeous, as is the shaft of light.

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Thank you, Diane. It was just one of those moments when I was in the backyard at the right time as far as the light is concerned.