Dawn's Early Light

As we all know, it’s always a treat when atmospheric conditions come together as we planned. This image in Rocky Mtn. NP epitomizes how pure luck plays a role as well! From weather reports, I knew weather conditions could be optimal for something special this particular morning. But, as usual in Rocky, weather at high altitudes is not always predictable. I showed up this particular morning a day after the Park opened from being closed due to the government shutdown. Without visitors for weeks, it seemed like a true wilderness, thus, I experienced this scene virtually alone. Unfortunately, every peak was socked in initially. However, for the briefest of moments, sunlight poked through, partially illuminating the mountain peaks. After that, everything that morning was shrouded in clouds. For that few minutes that morning, I won’t soon forget.
Not much special on the technical side as the mood was set by the clouds and I didn’t want to mess with that aspect.

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Ken, this is a great capture of this majestic scene to me. The touch of light at the summit in the left part just makes the difference for me.


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Great mountain image this one - I like the dramatic cloud around the peaks, and the touch of colour in those clouds too…

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You have captures some wonderfully dramatic and dynamic conditions Ken. I like the cotton candy clouds and touch of warm light on the mountain tops.

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Wow! Dramatic and beautiful. Great capture, Ken!

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Yea, Peter, without that spotlighting on Hallett Peak, the image would certainly be less dramatic.

Thanks, Nick!

Thanks also to Eva and Mark for your kind words!

Really epic conditions with the warm light filtering through the mist particularly beautiful.