Day Lake sky

Although I seem to have an odd and unengaging idea of what is serene, I’ll bore you with another, albeit more traditional photo of serenity.

Day lake is an undeveloped lake of some 150 acres in northern Wisconsin. While small it’s easy to get to and a magnet for birds. I went out in mid-June and oh it was perfect.

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback is welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Handheld in the kayak. Fairly calm conditions. CPL.

day lake

Not sure why such a wide aperture, but here it is and luckily a smaller one wasn’t necessary. Lr for most of the processing including a crop, some wb adjustment and some color grading. I didn’t go too nuts with the sky since it was dramatic enough without much encouragement. I did boost the tree line in terms of color and exposure. Photoshop to clean up floaters on the surface.

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This one has a nice tranquil feel to it. It looks like a great place to pull up a chair and contemplate life.

I feel like I’m sitting in the kayak Kristen. Maybe the wide aperture because the only thing you need in focus were the trees. Also, being in a kayak and hand holding, maybe you wanted a faster shutter speed or maybe you were shooting birds and needed shallow depth of field or high shutter speed. Who knows but it works. That sky is incredible. There is just enough of a reflection to give the water some depth but not too much making this very serene and simplistic in a good way.

Thanks @Harley_Goldman & @David_Haynes - I’m glad it’s a little immersive. Without the front of the kayak it can seem like it’s taken from the shore.