Deep in the soul

After all that we are experiencing I wonder what will remain of what we were?
This last year is literally changing our habits, but also our way of living and thinking, where insecurity and anxiety, especially in people with strong sensitivity, take over, stifling some emotions and amplifying others. Surviving in this incessant period of psychological, economic and social terrorism is difficult from every point of view. It would be like trying to go up a rushing stream by swimming with all your strength, but I don’t want to be fatalistic and negative, I always try to see a shred of hope in all things especially if the goal is reached by fighting with all my strength.
Certainly a deep part of some of us will be hurt, but giving up today means not wanting to build tomorrow.

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Thank you, Antonio, for sharing such pensive thoughtful words with NPN. Definitely words to reflect and ponder on. The waterfall is so soft and gentle. . . . being a place I would want to be for such contemplation.

Thank you very much Linda. I glad your like


Hi Antonio. Very good the picture of the waterfall. I agree with what you’ve said:"Surviving in this incessant period of psychological, economic and social terrorism is difficult ". Clear and short. That is what we are suffering.
Take care

Antonio, these fragile twigs confronted with the power of the mighty fall show a kind of steadfastness that is really telling a story for me. An intriguing composition, especially with your use of tension between dark and light to my eye.

Very true, I can’t stand this period anymore. I don’t know if it is from you too, but here to exit you need self-declaration, and if it is not proven by work needs, you cannot even leave your municipality. As a professional photographer, I can move around, but it’s a big problem with everything else, social and economic. It is not an authoritarian regime

Thanks so much, always too kind and good.

Beautiful shot and words Antonio - knowing that one day this period of time will just be a memory, can give one perspective . . . and hope.

Thanks you very much. I appreciated