Deep New Zealand bush

Gnarled limbs drenched in moss reach out from the shadows.

Focus stack of two images, not particularly complex though there was a lot of taming highlights and softening of tones, the shooting conditions were quite harsh.

a7riii, 85 1.8
iso 100, f8, 1 Second


I really like the idea behind this image. There is so much imagination here.

Michael, this is just wonderful! Really a very creative scene that for me can be enchanting or foreboding!

This turned out beautifully and evokes an adventurous mood.

Michael, I’m really enjoying the J.R.R. Tolkien like middle-earth atmosphere you got here. Allows my senses to wander through the moody scene between the two trees.

Extremely beautiful although I am trying to understand the vantage point that you shot this from. Those are some big gnarly limbs going from the sides.

@Igor_Doncov Thanks Igor!
@Alan_Kreyger Thanks Alan, enchanting is definitely what I was going for.
@Dan_DellaChiesa Thanks Dan!
@Bill_Leggett Thanks Bill, Middle Earth is definitely an inspiration!
@Adhika_Lie Thanks Adhika, I took some footage of the area too (I’ve started shooting footage for stock agencies as a way of building up some passive income) so here’s a screenshot of the
surrounding area with the subject of the photo circled. Hopefully this gives some helpful context.