This was taken on my last trip of the winter before our enforced Covid-19 lockdown. I had stopped here on the way up to Scotland to break the 5 hour or so journey. Deepdale Beck, by all measures, is a relatively well known location in the UK.

One of my resolutions was to explore the Lake District more in order to breathe life back into the photography in my local area. So I chose this location to break the ice as such. Having a name like Deepdale Beck it conjures up images of mood and cloud and mystery. This is pretty much how I wanted to capture it. Many of the images I had seen before have the river running from right to left through the scene, taken from the bank. I wanted to get it more central to accentuate the sweep as the river cascades down the valley. Given the very wet conditions I also tried to line up the peak of Fairfield with the river and some of the big waterfalls in the background. To really accentuate how wet it was.

I was pretty much in the river as far as i could go before I fell in. Tenuous games of tripod tetris and keeping rain on polariser ensued, but I captured what I was after.

Sony A7ii | Canon 16-35mm f4L
23mm | f/11 | 0.5s | ISO50
Single shot on the tripod


Good for you Eugene for persevering the treacherous ground and footing. Really a wonderful image of the flowing water with the intimidating mountains in the background . Nice capture.

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Thanks very much Linda! Interesting you touched on intimidating. From down in this valley it’s one of the more intimidating peaks I’ve seen in the area, but look quite innocuous from other angles.

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There are stunning dynamics in your image for me, Eugene. It makes me feel the wintry atmosphere immediately.


PS: my last post here was also from my last trip before the lockdown:

Now I am going to work on some images from Vienna Woods, just a twenty minutes drive from my home. This is a biosphere reserve which I could reach despite all restrictions.

Thanks Peter, Much appreciated :slight_smile:

You are lucky to have somewhere so close to your home like that. Look forward to seeing the pictures!

Beautiful work. This definitely has a mood about it.

Not an easy image to capture, Eugene, but you sure made it happen. I love the look, feel, and mood this image has and your excellent composition brings it all together. Really nice work!

I just love the s curve that the wtaer creates taking you right through the image to those beautiful snow capped mountains. Perfect water blur too.